Building Green





A Penguin Construction home fits seamlessly into the mountain/valley environment.  The structure is married with the landscape, working as one with nature, not against it.

Penguin Construction is committed to respect for the environment and uses both traditional and innovative means to make their projects as environmentally-friendly as possible.  They strive for practical elegance and energy-efficient design in all their building endeavors.

Some examples of this conscientious approach include the following:

  • Site-specific positioning and orientation of structure
  • Strict access policies:  allow only one access and exit (future driveway)
  • Disturb as few of the native trees, shrubs and grasses as possible
  • Re-seed any disturbed areas with sustainable native grass mix
  • Thorough and consistent waste removal
  • Ensure minimal waste through careful ordering and use of materials
  • Recycle whenever possible; reuse packaging and materials
  • Use of sustainable and renewable building products for building elements
  • Energy-efficient design and building techniques
  • Energy-efficient heating/cooling systems
  • Specifically-designed window glazing options for efficiency and sun protection
  • Maximum value insulation products